ver3 - 9/2/2020


1.0 Purpose 


To provide guidance to all members of the Worcester Junior Railers Hockey Club (“JRHC”) program on the procedures for action as it relates possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus in an effort to minimize further exposures to members of the JRHC, their families, and beyond.  This COVID-19 Exposure Policy (“Policy”) establishes the process to be implemented by the JRHC Board of Directors which is authorized by the By-laws. 


2.0  Expectations 


The JRHC is committed to do providing a safe environment in which its members are encouraged to follow the guidelines established by the CDC, the MA Department of Public Health, the Governor’s task for ice hockey rinks, and rink operators.   Members are expected to responsibly follow these guidelines such that our members, as well as other players and spectators, have a decreased risk of exposure while playing or viewing the sport of hockey.  


In the event that a JRHC member or family member has tested positive to the COVID-19 virus, or is experiencing symptoms related to the virus, the JRHC will provide the guidance herein as it relates to potential attendance or interaction with other members of the JRHC such as teammates, coaches and family members, as well as other game participants and their spectators. 


3.0  Scope 


The guidance herein falls under the direction of the JRHC Board of Directors when there is potential for a member to expose other participating members and families through the interaction that may occur at JRHC-sponsored ice time (practices, games, clinics, tournaments, etc.) and thus seeks to require certain actions or withholdings to minimize the spread of the virus.  Members who have tested positive for COVID-19, will more than likely also be under the oversight of a community public health nurse through the local Board of Health, the MA DPH, or physician provider, and should follow direction from these entities as well as the JRHC guidelines established herein. 


4.0  Responsibilities 


The Board of Directors will appoint a Public Health and Safety Liaison (the “Liaison”) to be the lead contact for members as they navigate the Policy and any guidance issued by the JRHC.  The Liaison will be available by email and phone to members and will offer guidance as it relates to attendance and potential exposure at JRHC sponsored activities.  The Liaison, when appointed, shall have a medical or health background and experience implementing COVID-19 related protocols and procedures in a public or private setting. 


5.0  Forms Used


The Liaison will keep an Incident Log for the purposes of recording communications that come to the JRHC as it relates to COVID concerns as well as document any guidance issued, and any additional communications that transpire to rink operators, coaches, families or other members or the JRHC. 


All members of the JRHC may be asked to sign, submit, and adhere to all program forms related to attendance when attending JRHC activities for the purposes of implementing contact tracing if deemed necessary. 


  1. 6.0  Procedures 


    1. In the event a JRHC player/member or family member tests positive for COVID-19, they should contact the JRHC Public Health and Safety Liaison immediately so as to determine if contact tracing is required.  In addition, the member shall quarantine for a mandatory 14-day period and refrain from attending all JRHC activities. 


  • In the event a JRHC player/member or family member is exposed to a COIVD positive person for >15 minutes, and not wearing a face mask and eye protection they should contact the JRHC Public Health and Safety Liaison immediately so as to determine if contact tracing is required.  In addition, they shall quarantine for 14 days or until receiving a negative test 24 hours after contact with COVID-positive person.   (This requirement would include any entire team if exposed to a COVID-positive player) 


  • Any travel outside the lower risk states listed by the MA Department of Public Health requires a negative test or quarantine of 14 days, prior to attending any JRHC activities. As of Sept. 1, 2020, lower risk states include:  Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.  The JRHC Public Health and Safety Liaison should be contacted in order to monitor for the member’s return. 


  • Any JRHC member player either having exposure to a COVID-positive person or if having symptoms, should contact the JRHC Public Health and Safety Liaison so that it can be determined if contact tracing is necessary with the member’s team, or other possible exposures including competing teams and spectators through communications with various rink operators. 


  • Any player required to quarantine may return to JRHC activities under the following circumstances: 


  • 10 days since symptoms first appeared AND 


  • 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and 


  • Other symptoms of COVID-19 are improving* 


*Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation​ 


7.0  References 


Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Regulations and Guidance (www.mass.gov) 


Worcester Junior Railers Hockey Club Bylaws 


8.0  Related Procedures  


The JRHC Board of Directors shall review this Policy periodically for effectiveness and appropriateness and shall amend as needed.